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CCA Extravaganza 2017

Our school’s CCA Groups came together to put up CCA Extravaganza 2017 on the morning of Saturday 7 January. The event showcased our CCA groups to the new Secondary 1 students, and provided them with the required knowledge in order to make an informed decision on their choices of CCA.


Kicking off the event was an exciting Mobile Display at the Parade Square put up by our 6 uniformed groups and the Dance Society. This included thrilling and dramatic skits that were performed by the St John Brigade and the National Police Cadet Corps.  Following that, our Boys’ Brigade unit showcased their two well-known performance sub-groups – The BB Bagpipes & Drums Band and their Hip Hop Performance Drill Squad. The Girl Guides (GG) and National Cadet Corps (NCC) units also put up innovative Fancy Drill displays thereafter. GG incorporated coordinated rollerblading in their performance, while NCC Boys and NCC Girls put up energetic performances, and the NCC Girls also showcasing their taekwondo skills. To cap off the Mobile Display, our school’s acclaimed Dance Society gave an outstanding performance that showcased their skills and teamwork.

CCA_Extravaganza_2017_03.jpg CCA_Extravaganza_2017_04.jpg
After the Mobile Display, the Secondary 1 students were led by the Student Councillors to visit each CCA Group’s display booth. Our CCA Groups had, prior to the event, put in much time and effort to plan and organise their displays for the Secondary 1 students, and this ensured that our new Nanhuarians had an exciting time throughout the entire morning.