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Camp Achiever 2017

Camp Achiever, our annual school-wide camp attended by all students, seeks to develop in students the values and competencies to be confident, self-directed learners who can contribute to the society and nation. The well-thought programmes are testament to our strong emphasis on the character development of our students, and are aligned with our focus as a SAP school, which seeks to develop each child’s potential and talent.
As part of Camp Achiever, Camp Genesis was organised for Secondary 1 students, with student councilors as well as ex-student helpers from the 2016 graduating cohort leading our new Nanhuarians in the camp activities. Throughout this fun induction camp, camp activities were organised to create understanding and internalisation of the school values and traditions. Highlights of the camp included a Campfire Night, the Ceremonial Walk, and meaningful interaction sessions with their Sec 2 seniors. Through these activities, the Sec 1 students enjoyed themselves tremendously as they forged new friendships and developed a strong school spirit.

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For Secondary 2 students, Camp Cultura provided a good opportunity to learn more about different cultures and deepen the bonds between them. Classes learnt different art forms and also put their creative juices together to come up with innovative performances for Cultural Night on the evening of Day 2 of the camp. Together with other enriching activities such as the amazing race at Chinatown, students were provided with greater insight into the cultural influences on our diverse Singapore community.   

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Our Secondary 3 students attended Camp Vigour – an outdoor adventure camp held at Sarimbun Campsite, an outdoor campsite in the north-western part of Singapore. Throughout the camp, Sec 3 students gained new experiences as they immersed themselves in a variety of outdoor adventure activities such as rock-climbing, zip line, abseiling and outdoor cooking. Students also had the opportunity to serve the community through a range of VIA Projects. The variety of activities allowed them to begin their self-leadership journeys as part of the criteria to attain the National Youth Achievement Award (Silver). These activities also worked to strengthen the bonds not only within individual classes, but also throughout the level.

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Camp Horizon, conducted for the Secondary 4 cohort, aimed to strengthen class spirit and prepare students for life beyond their secondary school years. For the first time, students were given the opportunity to visit Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to find out more about future pathways beyond secondary school, and also to gain motivation to study hard for the year ahead. Institutions visited included NUS, NTU, SMU, Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Institution. Students were observed to have enjoyed and benefitted from their various visits. They also enjoyed a fine dining lunch experience on Day 2, where they dressed up smartly and appropriately for a proper dining setting. They learnt fine dining etiquette and had a chance to put their learnt skills to effect. In the late evening, the students embarked on a 11km Night Walk which lasted for about 5 hours. The arduous journey challenged them both physically and mentally, but with the constant encouragement given to one another, all the students made it to the end. Each Sec 4 student had an enjoyable time completing the task together with his or her friends and teachers.

All in all, Camp Achiever fulfilled multiple objectives and provided platforms for students to develop the right values in life. While having four different sub-camps enabled learning of specifically-identified skills, there was also an over-arching commonality across all four sub-camps in terms of the learning of values and the development of greater school and community spirit.