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Parents Gateway Mobile App

About Parents Gateway Mobile App

The Parents Gateway (PG) Mobile App is an initiative by MOE to enable parents to interact with schools more conveniently on administrative and financial matters.   

Parents will also be able to use this app to stay updated on school’s programmes and submit online consent forms for their child’s activities.   The PG App will be implemented in all MOE schools in 2019. 

For parents with two or more children and they are in different schools, you will be able to receive notifications for all your children on the same PG App.    

All parents are strongly encouraged to download and use the PG App as it will bring significant benefits for parents, teachers and the school.
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Nan Hua will use PG app to communicate with parents from Term 2 Week 5

From 22 April 2019, the school will communicate with parents through MOE’s Parents Gateway (PG) Mobile App. The timeline for implementation will be as follows: 

Transition phase (22 April to May 2019)

·       Parents will continue to receive hard-copy letters and consent forms through their children. 

·       School will send out the same letters and consent forms through the PG App. 

Full Implementation phase (From 1 June 2019)

·       Parents will only receive the letters through the PG App.  

Step-by-Step Guide - Setting up the PG Mobile App

Step 1 – SingPass Registration and 2FA Setup

SingPass 2-Step Verification (2FA) is required for on-boarding. If you have not registered for a SingPass or have not set up the 2FA, please visit the SingPass website (, or scan the QR codes below to do so. Should you require further assistance, please contact SingPass Helpdesk at 6643-0555.

SingPass Registration

2FA Activation 

Singpass Registration.jpg

2FA Activation.jpg 

Step 2 – Download Parents Gateway Mobile App

a.    Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store app on your mobile phone.

b.    Search for the ‘Parents Gateway’ mobile app, or scan the QR code below.

Parent Gateway.jpg

For Android

For Android.jpg

For iOS

For ios.jpg

Step 3 – One-Time On-boarding

1.  Tap on “Log in with SingPass” 2.  Log in with your SingPass (2FA)3.  Tap on “Retrieve” to retrieve your child(ren)’s information
Step 3-1.jpgStep 3-2.jpgStep 3-3.jpg
4.   Tap on “Done” to complete on-boarding5.  You should see your child(ren)’s school announcements and activities (if any)
Step 3-4.jpg

Step 3-5.jpg