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Sustainable Environment Education (SEED)

The Innovation and Environment Education Committee planned and created enriching learning experiences for Nan Hua High students in sustainable environment education.



Every year, Secondary Two students learn and gain deeper understanding on sustainable environment education through the Sec 2 CnME lessons. This year, they learned the importance of water conservation as Singapore faces constraints in water resources. 

Secondary Two students also learned the importance of waste management and reduction as well as how to upcycle their old newspapers into tea coasters using a quilling tool.



In our Values-of-the-Month lessons, students applied their understanding on Sense of Shame by showing care for the environment through reflecting on their actions towards the environment. 

Secondary Three students learned to appreciate biodiversity through activities like learning about different types of flora and fauna found living in the urban city garden like Garden by the Bay. 



Students from various CCA groups like Choir and Class 308 as well as Service Learning Club planned and organised Earth Hour event for residents at Clementi West Street 2 on 25 March 2017. Residents learned the importance of energy and water conservation as well as reducing wastes from the games that students designed.


The school Choir put up a few song items for the elderly and the Infocomm Club created an interesting bilingual video clip to educate the residents on the importance of energy conservation.

Service Learning Club students, Girl Guides and Class 306 planned and organised the National Environment Quiz on 8 April 2017 to reach out to students from Primary 5 and 6 as well as Secondary One and Two. They also put up the Eco Serve Week from 5 to 7 April to educate the school to understand the importance of reducing carbon footprint. 



Every year, we are thankful for the close support from Parents Support Group in cooking vegetables for school to educate students the importance of leading a low carbon footprint lifestyle
National-Environment-Quiz-Participants-Answering-Online-Quiz.jpg National-Environment-Quiz-Class-306-students.jpg

Earth Hour Video

School Environment
A food waste management project was embarked on this year. The school, with the help from the National Environment Agency, got a food waste machine to convert food waste into compost. Students and staff participated actively in this meaningful environment activity.


The school’s butterfly garden, which was set up by a team of Sec 3 Class Environment Champs in 2016 has now sprung up with flowering plants to attract butterflies and helped increase the biodiversity in the school’s compound. 

Reading and Environment Education Overseas Learning Trip 2017

Nan Hua High School sent a team of students and teachers to Taichung, Taiwan in Nov 2017 on an 8D7N learning journey to learn about their reading culture and eco efforts. It was a meaningful and eye-opening trip as students and teachers learned the importance of protecting the environment through observing the committed and faithful eco-behaviour of the Taiwanese students and teachers.

Visit to Stella Matutina Girls’ High School

Our school visited the students at Stella Matutina Girls’ High School. We were impressed with their warm hospitality and great wealth of knowledge on environmental issues around the world. They were enthusiastic ardent readers who shared with our students various reading articles on environmental problems locally and globally. They engaged our students in active discussion about the environmental problems and they brainstormed feasible solutions to overcome those problems.

Stella Matutina Girls’ High School has a backyard where their girls sort out their waste regularly. They sorted them according to recyclables and non-recyclables and they created labels to identify their sorted waste. Their girls also roster themselves to clean the school daily at 3.00pm in the afternoon. After they have swept away the fallen leaves in the walkway and garden, the leaves were piled up and left to compost.

Visit to Toucheng Leisure Farm

In our visit, our students learned about the biodiversity found in the farm. They learned about the various plants found in the farm and their beneficial qualities. The significant learning we got from our farm visit was that people in the farm had a cultured behaviour to separate and sort their food waste from their cutlery after their meals.

In our trip to Taiwan, we learned to be more mindful in our actions towards the environment. We were more dedicated in our food waste and rubbish sorting management work during meal times and during school camps. Teachers were also more conscious in using lunch boxes for their take-away from the canteen instead of using Styrofoam boxes. We engaged our students to be more caring towards the environment by letting the Sec 2 students complete their eco projects in the weekly environment enrichment module. We hope to nurture students to develop ownership in caring for the environment and our adults to role model before them.