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Principal’s Message


This year’s theme reflects the school’s pursuit of excellence as it approaches its centennial celebrations. Across generations, Nanhuarians are not only connected by the same traditions that are anchored on Confucian values, but also imbued with the same spirit of striving for excellence and doing the school proud in whatever way they can. Together with a team of dedicated staff, Parent- Support Group, Alumni, community partners and the support of the School Advisory Committee, we continuously strive to provide a student-centric, values-driven education for our Nanhuarians to be confident, creative, cultured with a passion for learning. 

As we look forward to our centennial celebrations, we reflect on what excellence means to us and strive to continue our pursuit of excellence, keeping in mind two main tenants, a respect for tradition and a commitment to innovation. In building a school of excellence, we are mindful that excellence is centred on a culture of care. Thus, the focus on Character Education Programme that centres on developing good relationships that inculcate a sense of belonging and school pride. Our students, proud of being part of a tradition that stood the test of time, often come back to serve the school as clearly illustrated by the 80 graduands who volunteered to serve as facilitators at Camp Achiever, bringing warmth, love and a sense of belonging across generations. 

We understand that a 100-year old institution is but a mere building if its people are not forward looking, hence, we embrace excellence and seek to make school life vibrant and innovation-driven. This year, efforts at innovation were extended to the class level through Project Dream where each student is given a voice though a class meeting structure. As innovation and care go hand in hand, we show our care for the environment in innovative ways, working towards bringing ideas for sustainable education to the community such as our eco-friendly plastic bottle planters that decked the corridors. Our green efforts have been recognised by organisations such as the Worldwide Fund for Nature and we were awarded the much coveted International Green Flag Award.

As a Professional Learning Community (PLC), we continue our exploration of trends in educational research and development. Anchored on the growth mindset that we all can learn and be better, teachers continue to innovate classroom practices by deepening their understanding of teaching approaches and Senior Teachers shared with the staff on building professional capacities. Our quest in strengthening our disciplinary literacy through academic conversations and dialogic talk in the classroom culminated in the inaugural CommOlympics Day where students are encouraged to articulate their thinking through effective communication skills.

In the 2015 GCE ‘O’ Level Examination, 99.8% of our students attained at least five ‘O’ level passes and 53% scored six or more distinctions with 12 students scoring 10As. Complementing our outstanding academic achievements, six Uniformed Groups achieved Gold Award and one SILVER Award at the various Best Unit Competitions and all our nine Performing Arts CCAs did us proud by attaining Certificates of Distinction in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. In Sports, we have done well in clinching top positions in athletics, badminton and table tennis. All these bear testimony to how character and values education have developed skills, competencies and attitudes for our students to continue to thrive and grow.

We are very privileged to work with numerous partners who support us continually, namely our School Advisory Committee, Parents Support Group and Alumni. With such mutual partnerships, we look forward to an exciting journey towards our 100th Anniversary and beyond.

"In building a school of excellence, we are mindful that excellence is centred on a culture of care. Thus, the focus on Character Education Programme that centres on developing good relationships that inculcate a sense of belonging and school pride."

Mrs Tan Jong Lek







Mrs Tan Jong Lek